Entering the area is at your own risk and responsibility – we won’t pay for any damages. Follow our rules and watch your step while following them.

Restricted areas

Do not enter these areas. Show respect and common sense – restricted areas are intended for your safety and well-being, too.


You are a human being? Please use the toilets accordingly. The one coming after you is very likely the one you’ve been fancying all day and night long – do not show them your darkest side – yet.

Rubbish and Nazis

Throw them into assigned containers – not into the fire.

Tags, graffiti, flyers and posters

Decorate your home with them – not our unspoilt area. Violation of this rule will be your return ticket – after we have used this stuff on you.

Permission of distributing flyers and placing posters might be given, but only if you’ve talked to us beforehand.

 Nazi outfit and symbols

Do not wear any brands associated with or display symbols of this alien species.

 Beloved animals

Please, leave your pets at home – we don’t want them lose their identity. Except from this rule are elephants, tigers and alligators.

Do not feed our pigs, goats, horses and other farm animals. Stroking them is at your own risk – they are not completely tamed and this could turn into a very painful experience. However, they will listen to you – for hours, if you want to tell them about your hopes and sorrows.