Landflucht Festival 2017 | 08.—10. September

There it is – the NIRVANA you have been looking for all your life.

Space without boundaries, wild forests, abandoned mines, a dilapidated farm (pig muck included) in deep Hillbilly country, called the LAUSITZ.

Sorry, it’s not unique anymore – we’ve already had a colourful crowd twice in our DISTOPIA leaving everything of their civilisation behind. And not all of those witches, heretics and outcasts who dared to come around have turned back….. They have been captivated by our mutually shared feeling of companionship and unlimited thinking.

Tired of overcrowded and commercialised festivals? Then listen to our alternative:
Two stages on farm and meadow, two dance floors, several bands and DJs – very loud and very soft, a lot of independent activities to choose from and,
OF COURSE, the finest weather imaginable.
Come cuddling around our camp fires and share our organic way of life – far away from your urban cage. Escape into the countryside – LANDFLUCHT!