Landflucht Festival 2018 | 31. August — 02. September

Welcome off-line!

Welcome to you being still at home, you dreamers, visionaries and self-made doers, welcome at your adventure in an absolutely provincial Brandenburg nirvana beyond any restrictive norms. Welcome to life without boundaries.

Why off-line? Well, you can’t snog anybody online, can you? Finally, being your human offline version again. We offer space without any commercials – free from the manipulation of your mind. You are more than the brands you are wearing. You can have real fun; so, switch off your hard- and software and leave it all behind – for the countryside – Landflucht.

Your relaxed get-together is at the top of our agenda Performances, music, dance and organic food will again be the worthy setting for the fun you’ll create on your own. A wide range of our partners will again offer a stairway to heaven and imagination with a large variety of exciting and (self-)ironic performances. Artists will again invite and assist you to dig deep in your creative power. (Wo-)men of conviction will again carry you away into time-erasing sounds of devastating intensity.

Let yourselves be inspired, transformed, your minds rebooted. Be whoever you want to be. Be actors – bring some props around, be referees – bring some balls around, be child carers – open up your own playground.

Be upbeat and lively – but let Mother Earth live as well. Landflucht is minimalistic when it comes to rubbish. Think global – act local. Worked perfectly last year: You’ll bring as little plastic stuff along as possible – we’ll care for your bodily and emotional needs in a sustainable way. Our festival won’t be traceable by heaps of waste. Our future vision is sustainability, ecological economy and a happy domestic product.

Don’t just come along – participate. Offer each other your unique gifts. Dress up creatively, spoil your palates, listen to each other. Transform yourselves, hug each other, connect and be fantastic again.

Be the (caring) hammer, not the anvil.

Anarchic Buddhists in our limitless – NOW.